What Does A Liberal Minority Government Mean For Grants & Incentives? 

This week’s election has resulted in a Liberal minority government, with the seat standings in the House of Commons remaining almost identical to the previous Parliament. 

From a grant perspective, this outcome will provide continuity for the array of programs announced over the last two years and in spring’s Federal Budget. Several of the programs outlined in the 2021 Budget are expected to move forward and be implemented this fall or in early 2022.

The applications and projects GrantMatch are currently involved with are expected to move forward.

During the election campaign, additional initiatives were promised by the Liberals and other parties. With a minority government, support will be needed from other parties for the Liberals to pass proposed legislation which may lead to new and different government assistance programs going forward. 

Grant programs that were identified during the election campaign by the Liberals include:

  • The implementation of a $1.4B Canada Digital Adoption Programproviding technology-related microgrants and connecting skilled youth with businesses
  • The continued support for the Strategic Innovation Fund with $7.2B over the next seven years, with $2.2B dedicated to life sciences sector and $5B on Net Zero Acceleration aimed at decarbonizing heaving industry and supporting clean technologies
  • Continued expansion of the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) with an additional $75M
  • $292.5M to assist processors of supply-managed agricultural products adapt to new trade rules through the Processor Investment Fund
  • The extension of the Canada Recovery Hiring Program to March 2022
  • Continuation of the $1.4B Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund to support community projects to deal with natural disasters and climate change
  • Continued support to switch to zero-emission buses for public transit agencies
  • $36M over three years to support sustainable clean energy projects in Northern Indigenous communities
  • $200M over two years for on-farm climate action with the Agricultural Climate Solutions Program
  • $101M over two years for Canadian winery support

GrantMatch will continue to provide the latest updates on new program announcements. Information will be available through our blog (follow the link below) and through timely email updates. 

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