A summary of incentives available to the province of Quebec regarding energy consumption, outlining the program objective, eligibility requirements, and funding details.





The provincial government offers an attractive program to stimulate capital investment by large industrial companies that are located in Quebec and meet a minimum consumption rate.

Eligible Recipients 

Program applies to an annual contract whose contract power is 5,000 kilowatts (kW) or more and which is principally for an industrial activity. 

Funding Details

  • Eligible organizations can receive assistance in the form of reduced electricity costs, enabling them to recoup up to 50% of eligible project costs
  • The assistance corresponds to a maximum electricity bill reduction of 20% for a period not to exceed four years (or eight years for projects worth $250M or more).

In November 2019, the government extended the program for another four years. Thus, project requests can be submitted to the Minister des finances du Quebec (MFQ) until December 31, 2023. 


residual forest bioenergy program



To reduce greenhouse gases, decrease the consumption of fossil fuels, and support the emerging sector of energy recovery from residual biomass. 

Eligible Recipients

Small energy consumers (less than 36,000 GJ/year) and large energy consumers (more than 36,000 GJ/year). 

Eligible Expenses & Funding Details 

Analysis Stream

  • Consultant fees
  • In-house specialists
  • Rental costs of measuring equipment

The program will provide 50% of eligible costs, ranging from $25,000 - $50,000 depending on size of consumer. 

Implementation Stream

  • Purchase, upgrade or replacement of equipment
  • Engineering, installation, commissioning, and measurement work
  • Measurement, quantification, and verification

The program will provide 75% of eligible costs, to a maximum of $3M.

The closing date for this program is March 31, 2021.


Ècoperformance program 



  • Reduce greenhouse gases
  • Decrease the consumption of fossil fuels
  • Improve the energy efficiency of processes and buildings
  • Reduce fugitive process emissions


Eligible Recipients

EcoPerformance is offered to businesses, institutions and municipalities that consume fossil fuels or that use processes that generate fugitive GHG emissions. It is aimed at both small and large energy consumers.

Funding Details

  • Financial assistance for large commercial and institutional consumers will increase from $40/tCO2 to $60/tCO2
  • Financial assistance for large industrial consumers will increase from $40/tCO2 to $50/tCO2 and up to $60/tCO2or participants who have undertaken an ISO 50 001 process (energy management)
  • Two measures are added to the prescriptive component:
    • Replacement of heating systems using fossil fuels with a renewable energy heating system (will replace the Chauffez Vert program - Businesses, institutions and industries);
    • Partial or total electrification of the heat generation system in greenhouses (heating) and reduction of the use of fossil fuels (oil and propane).
  • The percentage of eligible expenses rises to 75% for energy management projects and for more complex energy analyzes.
  • A 1-year PRImin eligibility criterion has been added to the Major industrial projects component, with the aim of achieving greater efficiency.


Technoclimat Program



The objective of Technoclimat is to encourage the development, in Québec, of technological innovation in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energies, bioenergies and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions by offering financial assistance to project promoters who wish to demonstrate the potential of a technological innovation. The program also promotes the testing in Québec of technologies that are either unavailable or not widely available on the Québec market.

Eligible Projects

Projects must target:

  • A pre-commercial technological innovation (technology readiness level of 4 to 7) in the area of energy efficiency, renewable energies, bioenergies or GHG emission reductions 


  • The testing of a technology in the area of energy efficiency, renewable energies, bio energies or GHG emission reductions that is not currently available on the Quebec-specific conditions must justify the testing 

 They must also:

  • Feature a technology with market potential 
  • Target a technology with market potential
  • Be undertaken in Quebec, unless there is sufficient evidence to show the need to carry out certain activities outside Quebec 

Funding Details

  • The financial assistance is granted once the project has been accepted may cover up to 50% of eligible expenses
  • The maximum amount granted for a project is $3M
  • The total amount of financial assistance obtained in connection with the project from government departments and agencies (federal and provincial), energy distributors and Technoclimat must not exceed 75% of total eligible expenses 


Transport green 



Help businesses, municipalities and public bodies that operate a fleet of road vehicles to implement measures that reduce their vehicles' fuel consumption and GHG emissions

Eligible Recipients 

  • Registered companies 
  • Municipalities 
  • Public bodies with an establishment in Quebec

Funding Details

  • Support for Energy Management 
    • Financial assistance to encourage organization with a fleet of road vehicles to implement actions that reduce vehicle fuel consumption ($20,000).
  • Acquisition of Technologies
    • Financial assistance to promote the use of equipment that improves energy efficiency while reducing GHG emissions in the transport of people and goods ($100,000).
  • Eco-Driving Training
    • Financial assistance for a trainer who will teach drivers of a light or heavy vehicle how and why to adopt a more energy efficient and safe driving style ($1,000 hour session).
  • Direct Current Fast Charging Stations 
    • Financial assistance for the acquisition and installation of direct current fast charging stations to promote the electrification of vehicle fleets ($60,000).



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