Transforming Communities: Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grants - Up to $500,000 Available for Neighborhood Revitalization

The Choice Neighborhoods program is a transformative initiative that focuses on revitalizing struggling neighborhoods with distressed public or HUD-assisted housing. By leveraging both public and private resources, the program supports locally driven strategies aimed at comprehensive neighborhood transformation. Key stakeholders including local leaders, residents, public housing authorities, city officials, businesses, nonprofits, and developers work collaboratively to develop and implement revitalization plans.

Funding INformation

  • Up to $500K for the development of a plan to revitalize highly distressed HUD-assisted neighbourhoods and other severely distressed 
    public housing locales.
  • Having a plan in place then allows you to apply for periodic intakes for the C.N. Implementation 
    Grants which grants up to $50M per project.
Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for the Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grants program extends to a range of stakeholders involved in the revitalization of distressed neighborhoods with public or HUD-assisted housing. Specifically, eligible applicants may include:

  1. Local Government Entities: This encompasses city governments, municipal authorities, and other local administrative bodies responsible for overseeing urban development and housing initiatives.

  2. Public Housing Authorities (PHAs): PHAs play a crucial role in managing and administering public housing programs. They are often key partners in implementing revitalization efforts within distressed neighborhoods.

  3. Nonprofit Organizations: Nonprofits engaged in community development, housing advocacy, social services, and related fields are eligible to apply. These organizations often bring valuable expertise and resources to collaborative revitalization efforts.

  4. Community-Based Organizations: These organizations represent the interests and needs of residents within target neighborhoods. Their involvement ensures that revitalization plans are inclusive and responsive to the community's priorities.

  5. Private Developers: Private developers with a commitment to affordable housing and community development may participate in partnership with public entities or nonprofit organizations.

  6. Residents: While residents themselves may not directly apply for funding, they are integral participants in the planning and implementation process. The program aims to empower residents to actively contribute to the revitalization of their neighborhoods.

Eligible Projects

The following are examples of projects that CNPG looks to fund: 

  • Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grants support the development of comprehensive neighborhood Transformation Plans. This includes:
    • Implementing public and/or assisted housing revitalization strategies
    • Coordination and design of supportive services, including educational opportunities for children
    • Neighborhood-level planning to enhance various neighborhood assets
    • Collaborative planning involving neighborhood stakeholders and local governmental entities

The program's core goals are:

  1. Housing: Replace distressed public and assisted housing with high-quality mixed-income housing that meets the needs of the surrounding community.
  2. People: Improve outcomes for households residing in target housing related to employment, income, health, and education.
  3. Neighborhood: Create conditions conducive to public and private reinvestment in distressed neighborhoods, enhancing amenities, safety, schools, and commercial activities.
 All proposals must be submitted by June 10th, 2024.

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