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Consumer Electronics Battery Recycling, Reprocessing, and Battery Collection

By GrantMatch Team on Jun 21, 2023 10:13:11 AM

$10 million grants are available FOR battery recycling in the usa!

This program will provide funding to support the recycling of consumer electronics batteries and battery-containing devices to help build a robust domestic critical material supply chain for EV batteries in the United States.

Topic Area 1: Expanding Consumer Participation in Consumer Electronics Battery Recycling Programs

The objective of this topic area is to develop and implement an education and/or behavior change campaign to increase participation by consumers in existing battery recycling programs. This objective aims to support the Federal Consortium for  Advanced Batteries (FCAB) National Blueprint for Lithium Batteries goal of achieving 90% recycling of consumer electronics batteries by 2030.

Topic Area 2: Improving the Economics of Recycling Consumer Electronics Batteries

The objective of this topic area is to improve the economics of recycling consumer electronics batteries sufficiently to generate a greater market demand for recycling these batteries. There are multiple strategies that individually or in combination can help achieve this goal, such as improving the logistics and processes involved with collection, transportation, storage, and dismantling of EOL batteries (including designing for sustainability). In order to complement and support existing DOE programs that focus on the technical aspects of physically and chemically recycling batteries, this topic area is specifically aimed at reducing the costs associated with actions and steps taken before the chemical processes of reclaiming value from batteries at a recycling facility.

Topic Area 3: State and Local Programs for Consumer Electronics Battery Collection, Recycling and Reprocessing

The objective of this topic area is to establish programs that will assist States and units of local government in the establishment or enhancement of battery
collection, recycling, and reprocessing. Applications should strive to achieve sustainable investments in establishing state or local recycling processes and

Topic Area 4: Retailer Programs for Consumer Electronics Battery Collection

The objective of this topic area is to establish and/or implement programs with retailers that will provide battery collection. Programs can focus on any or all of
these recycling steps such as collecting, handling, sorting, storing, and transporting spent and discarded batteries and electronics containing batteries. They do not need to address or propose industrial or chemical processes for recycling. Activities should address key challenges such as transportation; collection/storage; and overall communication, training, and public information. Each program must report on the number of battery collection points established or enhanced and the quantity of material collected.

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Florida High Tech Corridor Program

By GrantMatch Team on Mar 22, 2022 1:38:02 PM

up to $150,000 in funds are available for applied research projects between local industry partners and university researchers

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