Significant zero/LOW-INTEREST loans available to local governments in virginia Investing in Water Infrastructure

The Virginia Clean Water Revolving Loan Fund (VCWRLF) provides low-interest loans to local governments for the planning, design and construction of wastewater and stormwater treatment facilities and the implementation of nonpoint source pollution control.

Eligible projects 

Eligible projects include:

  • improvements to publicly owned wastewater collection and treatment facilities
  • installation of publicly owned stormwater best management practices
  • remediation of contaminated brownfield properties
  • land conservation
  • living shorelines

Priority is given to projects that meet Green Project Reserve (GPR) guidelines, in essence, projects that meet additional environmental and energy efficiency standards. Further information on GPR designations may be found here.


Funding availability depends on the project's eligible costs, with the largest known loan reaching $185 million with no hard limit on funding amounts. The anticipated demand for these loans is approximately $344.9 million per year. 

Interest Rates: The interest on these loans range from no interest to the current bond market rate (established by the Virginia Resource Authority’s evaluation the month prior to closing). Interest rates are determined by the locality’s financial situation.

Conditions for no-interest loans: Dependent on the finances of local government, 75% of the project cost is applicable to solving mandated water quality problems, and/or imminent documentation of urgent public health concern.

  • 20-year rates: set at 1.5% (150 basis points) below market rate.
  • 25-year rates: set at 1.25% (125 basis points) below market rate.
  • 30-year rates: set at 1.0% (100 basis points) below market rate.

Eligible Applicants

Local governments in Virginia.


11:59 PM Friday, July 29, 2022; final authorizations anticipated December 2023.

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