The Canadian Funding Landscape

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May 31, 2023 1:18:07 PM

Understanding Canada's unique approach to stimulating the economy through business grants & incentives.

The Canadian government lays out a set of clear and predictable investment tax credits, low-cost strategic financing, and targeted investments and programming to respond to the unique needs of sectors or projects of national economic significance. These funding incentives function to stimulate our economy.  

By providing strategic grants and incentives, the federal government aims to meet nationwide challenges in labour retention and rising costs/inflation for businesses, to provide investments in environmental initiatives, to support infrastructure for municipalities, and to encourage innovative agriculture.  

Today, the world’s major economies are moving at an unprecedented pace to fight climate change, retool their economies, recover from the pandemic’s impact, and build the net-zero industries of tomorrow. Looking into the following five major funding areas—environment, business grants and tax incentives, municipal grants, agriculture, and training/labour—may highlight the right grant program for your next project! 


Government priorities for funding in this area look for clean technology development or adoption, alternative clean energy, environmental investment tax credits, emissions reduction, clean manufacturing, and sustainable, efficient, and climate-resilient infrastructure.  

Some program highlights: 

  • $500M over 10 years for the Strategic Innovation Fund to support the development and application of clean technologies. The program will direct $1.5B of existing funds to projects in clean technologies, critical minerals and industrial transformation. 
  • Expansion of eligibility for the Clean Technology Investment Tax Credit, announced in 2022 to support businesses adopting clean technologies, to include geothermal systems and extend the phase out of the program for two additional years commencing in 2034. 
  • $3B over next 13 years for funding of the Smart Renewables and Electrification Pathways Program (critical regional priorities and Indigenous-led projects); Smart Grid Program (support of electricity grid innovation); and to create new investments for Canada’s offshore wind potential. 


Funding priorities in this area look to support innovation in businesses, promoting research and development partnerships, emissions reduction, start-up and entrepreneurship support, strong technology and e-commerce development incentives for diverse businesses, and more. 

Some program highlights: 

  • $108.6M over next 3 years for the College and Community Innovation Program for businesses to access college R&D facilities they need. 
  •  $50M for renewal of funding for Regional Economic Growth Through Innovation Program (through the Canada Regional Development Agencies). 
  •  $44M for the Inclusive Diversification and Economic Advantage in the North Program (through CanNor). 


Funding priorities in this area focus on building stronger and more inclusive communities through upgraded infrastructure, enhancing accessibility, rebuilding tourism, climate resilience projects, and more. 

Some program highlights: 

  • $10M over 2 years starting in 2024-25 for the Enabling Accessibility Fund. 
  • Report to be published on the success of Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) over the past five years, ending March 31, 2023. The government will be reviewing infrastructure needs for future programming to be updated later this year including next steps on permanent funding for transit. 
  • $49.5M over 5 years for the Communities at Risk: Security Infrastructure Program. 
  • Canada Infrastructure Bank to provide loans to Indigenous communities to support the purchase of equity stakes in infrastructure projects the Bank is investing in. 


Funding priorities in this area aim to support climate action through agriculture innovation, made-in-Canada initiatives such as fertilizer development, dairy industry projects, and loans for farmers and producers throughout Canada. 

Some program highlights: 

  • $34.5M over 3 years for the On-Farm Climate Action Fund for Eastern Canadian farmers to support optimal use and reduction fertilizer to diversify away from Russian fertilizers. 
  • $13M in 2023-24 to increase interest-free loans under the Advance Payments Program. 


Funding priorities in this area focus on addressing the continued labour shortage with well-paid jobs and trainings for these roles through upskilling, apprenticeships for trades, work placements, training in clean technology, and more. 

Some program highlights: 

  • To be eligible for the Clean Technology and Clean Hydrogen Investment Tax Credits, requirements will be set for workers to be paid prevailing wages, and at least 10% of tradeperson hours will be required to be performed by registered apprentices in Red Seal trades. 
  • $197M for continued support in 2023-24 of the Student Work Placement Program. 

It’s important to begin planning investments as soon as possible to increase the chances of project alignment with grant and incentive programs. Be sure to assess and confirm your eligibility before applying. Whether you’re a small business owner, tech start up, municipality, large-scale manufacturer, farmer, or environmental organization, the right funding program is within reach. GrantMatch takes the guesswork out of the Canadian grant funding landscape. 

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