The Alberta Petrochemical Incentive Program provides up to a 12% Contribution to Projects that Exceed $50M

The Alberta Petrochemicals Incentive Program (APIP) is a key part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan and the Natural Gas Vision and Strategy to turn the province into a top global producer of petrochemicals. It provides funding to companies to attract investment in new or expanded market-driven petrochemical facilities.

Project Eligibility

Eligible projects must meet these criteria, as well as those outlined in the Program Guideline:

  • The project must be physically located in Alberta
  • The capital investment must be at least (CAD) $50 million
  • The facility must use natural gas, natural gas liquids, or petrochemical intermediaries such as ethylene, propylene, benzene etc. in the manufacturing of its own products
  • The project must create permanent jobs in Alberta

Key Features of the Program Include:

  • A 5 or 10-year program period, depending on the scope of the project, during which eligible projects must be built and operational to receive funding 
  • An open and transparent approach, whereby every project submitted that meets the program’s criteria will receive funding once built and operational
  • Grants worth 12% of a project’s eligible capital costs will be issued to companies after projects are operational. Grants allow companies to account for the full value of the incentive provided when calculating their project’s return on investment
  • Better alignment with typical investment cycles by making funding available throughout the program’s duration


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