A Maximum of $150M in Funding Available for Clean Production Projects and Studies

The Clean Fuels Fund (CFF) aims to increase Canada's clean fuels production capacity to support the eventual goal of a net-zero future. The CFF will promote sustainability, increased capacity of clean fuel production, greenhouse gas reduction, and more.

There are three components delivered within this program:  

  • Building New Domestic Production Capacity: supports the building of new, and expansion of existing clean fuel production capacity and facility conversions or associated feasibility, engineering and FEED studies, includes two sub-components: 
    • Production Capacity Build-out Projects (Production Projects): for the expansion or conversion of existing facilities, and buildout of new facilities 
    • Production Facility Feasibility Assessments/Studies (Feasibility Projects): for feasibility and front-end engineering design studies 
  • Establishing Biomass Supply Chains: supports the establishment of biomass supply chains and associated feasibility assessments 
  • Developing Enabling Codes and Standards: supports the development of critical codes, standards, and regulation 


Eligible Applicants

Legal entities validly incorporated or registered in Canada including not-for-profit and for-profit organizations are eligible to apply to the CFF. Such organizations include:  

  • Electricity or gas utilities  
  • Private sector companies  
  • Industry associations 
  • Research associations 
  • Standards organizations 
  • Indigenous organizations and Indigenous communities  
  • Canadian academic institutions 
  • Provincial, territorial, regional, or municipal governments or their departments or agencies where applicable 


Eligible Projects

  • Capital clean fuel production projects that use fuel production technologies in advanced stages of technological readiness and that are designed for commercial deployment 
  • Feasibility studies, basic engineering studies and detailed front-end engineering studies to assess the new build or expansion of low carbon fuel production facilities. In addition, feasibility studies to assess the techno-economic feasibility of blending hydrogen into natural gas systems. 
  • All projects must be completed and facilities commissioned by March 31, 2026. 


Eligible Costs

Eligible costs under this opportunity include:  

  • Salaries and benefits 
  • Professional services 
  • Reasonable travel costs 
  • Capital expenses 
  • Retrofitting and upgrading of existing capital assets 
  • Rental fees or leasing costs 
  • License fees and permits 
  • Costs associated with Environmental Impact Assessments 
  • GST, PST, and HST net of any tax rebate to which the recipient is entitled 



Funding Details

  • Production projects: 
    • The  program may provide eligible recipients with a maximum of 30% of total eligible project costs, up to a maximum of $150M, per project.   
  • Feasibility projects:  
    • The program may provide eligible recipients with up to 50% of total eligible project costs, up to a maximum of $5M, per project.  

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