Funding Available for Companies Investing in Transformative Projects in Quebec

The ESSOR Program - Support for Transformative Investment Projects (ESSORP-SPRINT) aims to stimulate and accelerate investment in Quebec in order to create and develop well-paying employment opportunities. Eligible applicants will receive funding based on the jobs created and/or consolidated and the tax revenues resulting from the project.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible activities for funding include:

  • New investment projects or increases in the wage bill
  • Investments must be a minimum of $10 million or create 100 jobs
  • Investments improve and drive innovation in manufacturing and tertiary sectors
  • Projects lead to new or consolidated jobs with higher than average salaries
  • To be considered consolidated by the project, businesses must invest a minimum of $300,000 per job.
  • Companies as well as cooperatives and NPOs with commercial activities can apply


The deadline to submit an application for ESSORP-SPRINT program is March 31, 2022

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