The Poultry and Egg On-Farm Investment Program (PEFIP) aims to help supply-managed poultry and egg producers adapt to market changes resulting from the implementation of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). The program supports on-farm investments in:

  • Increasing efficiency or productivity
  • Improving on-farm food safety and biosecurity
  • Improving environmental sustainability
  • Responding to consumer preferences (improving animal welfare, adopting alternative housing systems, transitioning to organic production, etc.)

The Poultry and Egg On-Farm Investment Program will provide farmers non-repayable contributions of almost $647 million over 10 years. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis until funds are exhausted.

Eligible Applicants

  • Chicken producers
  • Turkey producers
  • Turkey breeders
  • Egg producers
  • Broiler hatching egg producers


Eligible Costs

The program supports on-farm investments in:

  • The hiring of external expertise to assess how the poultry and/or egg farm enterprise can improve efficiencies and productivity
  • The construction of new infrastructure or expansion of infrastructure
  • Building retrofits
  • The purchase of equipment and/or fit-ups of current facilities related to the installation and operation of equipment
  • The conversion of the poultry housing systems
  • Shipping, transportation, and installation of eligible assets/materials (for example, construction materials, equipment, commercial off-the-shelf software, and IT infrastructure)
  • Training related to other eligible project activities


Funding Details

  • An applicant's maximum funding amount, or share of the program budget, will be determined based on their share of provincial quota/production as identified by their respective provincial marketing board.
  • Eligible project costs will normally be shared between AAFC and the applicant to a maximum of 70% provided by AAFC and a minimum of 30% provided by the applicant.
  • Subject to eligibility criteria AAFC may provide up to 85% of eligible project costs for Young Producer(s) who were 35 years old or younger on January 1, 2021 (regardless of how old they are at the time of application).



  • The program allows applicants to apply for projects that have already started or have been completed, so long as the activity and related costs began on or after March 19, 2019.

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