The 2021-22 Budget will protect, build and grow Saskatchewan.



Key Economic Forecasts: Deficit of $2.6B; GDP forecast to grow 3.4%; Unemployment rate at 8.4%. 

Funding Forecasts 

  • Additional tax and fee relief, including: $174.5M for the Saskatchewan Economic Recovery Rebate for a continued 10% rebate on power bills for customers, businesses, and individuals; continued reduction of small business tax from 2% to 0%; extension of Saskatchewan Technology Start-Up Incentive for 5 years providing a 45% tax credit on technology start ups. 
  • Advancing jobs and growth with $8.1M in funding for Canada Saskatchewan Jobs Grant for job training grants. $3M for the Agricultural Venture Capital Fund to invest in Agri-Tech in addition to the $15M investment announced in 2020. 
  • Environmental funding of $200M for the Accelerated Site Closure Program to clear and clean abandoned oil and gas sites, and $3.8M in annual royalty relief to invest in new methane emissions reduction projects. 
  • Additional Measures include $6.5B in health care funding and $1.5M invested to help support veterans under the Saskatchewan Veterans Service Club Support Program.

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