$1M Available to Assist Businesses in Wisconsin Improving the Job-Related Skills of their Employees

In efforts to attract, develop and retain talent in the state of Wisconsin, the Workforce Training Grant Program is providing a total of $1M to new or expanding businesses to upgrade or improve the job-related skills of their existing and new employees via training.

Any business making a firm commitment to locate a new facility in Wisconsin or expand an existing facility within the state and upgrading a product, process, or service that requires training in new technology and skills is eligible for the Workforce Training Grant.

Eligible activities 

Eligible job training for this program must focus on the following:

  • New technology
  • Industrial skills
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Leadership development


funding details

  • The maximum funding amount is calculated by multiplying the number of employees expected to be trained by $5,000. 
  • Businesses located in designated rural zones may be eligible for up to 75% of costs covered. 


WEDC will evaluate applications for this program based on factors, including:

  • Training shall be related to a specific project that is outside of routine operations
  • Whether the project will be located in an economically distressed area
  • Whether the project will be located in a rural area
  • The financial soundness of the business
  • Any previous financial assistance that the business received from the Department of Commerce/WEDC

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