Jokey Plastics is a forward-thinking manufacturer with a winning funding strategy

The finance team at Jokey Plastics used to find funding applications to be complex and demanding. Now, Jokey Plastics actively pursues funding with GrantMatch to finance their innovation and growth, with great success.


Never enough hours in a day

Jokey Plastics is a company dedicated to innovation and growth in their space. While their team remains focused on producing world-class plastic packaging solutions, they rest assured that the GrantMatch team pursues all eligible funding programming on their behalf.

The CME SMART Green Program offered Manufacturers significant funding support

Jokey Plastics was approved for $295,000 for a new injection molding machine

As as GrantMatch Premium client, the funding secured by Jokey through the CME Smart Program is just one example of a project within their larger Proactive Funding Strategy.



The Solution

Jokey is a leading international manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging with lids. They produce plastic buckets, plastic boxes, and plastic trays using a plastic injection molding process. They offer clever industry-specific packaging solutions for packers of food and other goods.
An investment in a new injection molding machine has led to reduced electricity consumption, lowered GHG emissions, and increased productivity and production rates. The funding secured has improved their overall operational efficiency and allows for increased growth in the future.

The Breakdown

Productivity is Up

Achieving operational efficiencies is a key goal within Jokey's funding strategy.

Emissions are down

Jokey has reduced electricity consumption, along with GHG emissions through grant funding.

Growth is certain

Strategically leveraging investments through grant funding maximizes project impact and ROI.


Jokey Plastics was approved for $295,000 for a new injection molding machine





We found that GrantMatch approached us with direct and easily understood questions pertaining to our active funding applications, which is a valuable aspect considering how complex and demanding some application requirements have proven to be.
Teresa Heimbecker
Accounting Manager, Jokey Plastics

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