Grant Funding Available to support forest health and stimulate local economies across the U.s. by expanding renewable wood energy use and innovative wood products manufacturing capacity

The Community Wood Grant Program (CWGP) aims to support the expansion of wood products manufacturing capabilities and improvements to renewable wood energy as a means to improve forest health and stimulate local economies throughout the United States. 

The Forest Service solicits proposals for projects that will achieve the following:
  • Expand thermally led community wood energy or innovative wood product opportunities
  • Improve forest health
  • Stimulate local economies


Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants include non-profit organizations such as; local, state, and tribal governments; for-profit organizations such as businesses, corporations; institutions of higher education; and special purpose districts (public utility districts, fire districts, conservation districts, school districts, and ports.)

Eligible projects

  • Install a thermally led community wood energy system for heating, cooling, and/or electricity that replaces fossil fuels such as coal, oil, propane, or natural gas.
  • Purchase and install manufacturing equipment at a mass timber production facility.
  • Expand a sawmill to add higher value production lines that incorporate innovative technologies and cost cutting measures.
  • Purchase and install equipment at a new facility to produce biofuels from forest residues.


The Forest Service plans to award up to $17 million in total awards under this announcement. The maximum for each award is $1 million to pay for up to 35% of total capital costs. The Forest Service may consider awarding up to $1.5 million (for up to 50% of total capital costs) for a proposal that warrants special consideration, especially for projects located in areas of high unemployment.


Thursday March 23, 2023

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