Up to $25M in Incentive Available for Meat Processors in the U.S.A Investing in Expansion 

The Meat and Poultry Processing Expansion Program (MPPEP) provides grants of up to $25M to help eligible processors expand their capacity. Federally inspected businesses that process meat products may apply to build new, or modernize existing processing facilities, improve equipment/technology, ensure food safety and/or compliance with packaging/labelling requirements for their products. Funding awards will be announced in September of 2022.

Applications for this program must be submitted by May 11, 2022.

Eligible Applicants

Funding received can be used to expand processing capacity by supporting activities such as:

    • Building new – or modernizing or expanding existing – processing facilities
    • Developing, installing, or modernizing equipment and technology
    • Ensuring compliance with packaging and labeling requirements
    • Upholding occupational and other safety requirements
    • Modifying facilities or equipment to protect food safety
    • Paying for voluntary grading services on value-added processed products
    • Offsetting costs associated with becoming an inspected facility
    • Supporting workforce recruitment, training, and retention

Eligible Projects

Eligible applicants must:

  • Process – or plan to process – one or more species subject to the Federal Meat Inspection Act, or the Poultry Product Inspection Act.
  • Have – or plan to get – a Federal Grant of Inspection through USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, a Grant of Inspection under the Cooperative Interstate Shipment Program,
  • Or a federal equivalent Tribal or state-based meat and poultry inspection program 
  • Comply with the National Environmental Policy Act and Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, and all other applicable states, local or tribal laws.

Funding Details

The maximum award amount is $25 million, or 20 percent of total project costs, whichever is less. There is no minimum award amount.

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