Celebrating Success - Businesses That Won with Grants

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Aug 23, 2023 12:55:03 PM

how these four businesses grew through government grant funding!

With the year’s end almost a couple months away, it’s important to take a moment to look back, reflect, and celebrate our wins!

In this month’s article, GrantMatch is commemorating some of the many Canadian businesses who were able to grow and achieve success in their business ventures with the help of government grants.

From facility expansions to hiring new employees to adopting cutting edge technology, funding incentives are a great way to help you actualize your project goals and expand your small/medium sized business.

Steam Whistle – Stimulating the Economy with a $22.8 Million Facility Expansion

Canada’s largest independent craft brewer, Steam Whistle, was able to take their business to new heights with a major investment from an Ontario-based program, the Jobs and Prosperity Fund.

Aimed at enhancing productivity, job creation, and innovation, Steam Whistle’s $22.8 million Expansion Project was made possible through the help of a $1.33 million contribution from the Jobs and Prosperity Fund.

With this investment, Steam Whistle was confidently able to tackle their project and invest in a new beverage processing facility located in Etobicoke, Ontario. Steam Whistle was able to launch a second brand of premium beer, meet demand in Canada, begin to distribute its products in the United States and create over 30 new partnerships with local contractors.

Empowered by provincial funding, this investment provided Steam Whistle with the resources they needed to attain rapid growth allowing them to create over 175 jobs, boost their production capacity, and expand their product line and market.

Kawartha Dairy – Over $600k in Critical Growth Funding Secured!

With the help of GrantMatch, Kawartha Dairy, a 100% Canadian-owned and operated company was able to harness the power of funding programs to grow their business and create jobs with access to over $600,000 in approved government funding.

By taking advantage of multiple funding incentive opportunities, Kawartha Dairy was able to relieve the financial burden that weighed down many of its expansion, efficiency, and modernization projects.

Over the past years, Kawartha Dairy was able to leverage $311,000 in approved government funding for their Business Expansion Project to improve their value chain capabilities, $80,000 to implement innovative freezing to increase their production output and efficiency, and another $301,406 for their Dairy Facility Modernization Project to enhance their processes.

These funding opportunities enabled Kawartha Dairy to improve their company’s production capacity, create local jobs, and expand their markets which have ultimately allowed them to succeed in making their business more competitive, profitable, and efficient.

Waterloo Brewing – $434,917 of investments to Boost Production and Reduce Carbon Emissions

As Ontario’s largest Canadian-Owned brewery, Waterloo Brewing has been able to leverage government grant funding to boost both its production capabilities and support the environment.

Through their partnership with GrantMatch, Waterloo Brewing was able to successfully secure a total of $434,917 from grant funding programs to take their production facility to the next level.

With $414,830 from the CME Smart Green Program, Waterloo Brewing was able to implement a new canning line pasteurizer that significantly reduces their natural gas consumption. Additionally, $20,087 of funding through the Climate Action Incentive Fund enabled the brewery to install a new compressed air system throughout their facility as well.

By taking advantage of funding programs that align with their economic and environmental goals, Waterloo Brewing was able to achieve a 38% increase in its production capacity while also contributing to a more sustainable future.

ReFeed Farms – Fixing Canada’s Food System with $250k in Approved Funding

Located in Langley, British Columbia, ReFeed Farms’ mission is to promote a greener economy through food waste recovery. With an ambitious plan to reduce waste and repair the food system, Refeed Farms’ positive impact on Canada’s climate and economy made them an ideal candidate for government grants.

With $250,000 of funding secured through the BC Accelerating Manufacturing Scale-Up Grant Program, ReFeed was able to pilot their Circular Nutrition™ technology in a new 3,000-square-foot custom facility.

This $250k investment helped ReFeed in more ways, allowing them to not only fund their new facility but also scale their business for years to come with the ability to create new jobs, adopt innovative technology, and further expand into new North American and global Cleantech markets.

These companies were all able to grow and attain their business goals through funding programs that supported them with resources to enhance their capabilities, employment, and market.

Taking advantage of funding opportunities is a great way to help you relieve many of the financial burdens that come with daunting business projects. Whether you’re a small business or a big corporation there are a variety of funding incentives that can help you achieve success in your future business endeavours!

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