It’s Small Business Month! - GrantMatch launches new funding platform, The GrantMatch HUB, designed specifically for entrepreneurs to easily discover and apply for government grants

GrantMatch is Canada’s leading grants & incentives management firm, most known for providing premium consulting services to many of the country's largest firms and municipalities of all sizes to assist in maximizing funding attained from government incentive programs.

In a nod to Small Business Month, GrantMatch has released its new platform, the GrantMatch Hub, to assist SMEs that are looking for funding to innovate or grow and who want to accelerate the funding process to increase their probability of success, while keeping costs to a minimum.

The platform has an extensive database of grant and incentive programs and past approval records that are targeted toward small business entities that have either been recently incorporated or whose activities occur on shorter timelines or a smaller scale.

The GrantMatch Hub provides SMEs with the following:

  • Customized, continually updated identification of grants that match your business needs
  • Clear and simple descriptions of each program, who and what it is for, and how to apply 
  • Exclusive program intelligence news feed providing updates on programs you’re monitoring
  • Recent grant recipients for the programs in your business sector
  • Access to funding consultations with GrantMatch Funding Experts 
  • Discounted rates for grant writing services 


The GrantMatch Hub is the brainchild of GrantMatch’s Managing Partner, Mike Janke. Mike was instrumental in developing GrantMatch’s partnership with RBC, which has resulted in a tremendous number of SMEs becoming newly interested in government funding. Mike realized that there was a real need for quick and easy access to a database that would allow SMEs to understand the confusing and multi-layered world of government funding and put his software development team to work.

The result, the GrantMatch Hub, takes the guesswork out of determining if your business qualifies for a grant and helps you get the ball rolling on applying. It is as simple as filling in a few quick pieces of information about your company. You will immediately begin to receive new grant program suggestions as they arise and will have access to the library of past funding approvals to better define eligibility. Users also benefit from a helpful progress tracker to help them stay organized at every stage of the grant application process.

The GrantMatch Hub is the key to unlocking the complex world of government funding programs. With so many grant programs opening and closing throughout the year, signing up for the GrantMatch Hub gives small business owners peace of mind that they are not missing out on relevant funding programs as they emerge. At $25 a month, few small businesses can afford not to take advantage of this opportunity.

In honour of Small Business Month, GrantMatch is offering a free half-hour consultation with one of its funding experts with every purchase of an annual subscription. To sign up and learn more, visit:

Learn more about the GrantMatch Hub here!

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