FUNDING OF UP TO $6,000,000 TO SUPPORT Exhibitions in Canada!

In 1999, the Government of Canada established the Canada Travelling Exhibitions Indemnification Program within the Department of Canadian Heritage. Indemnification is a process through which the government assumes financial risk, and provides compensation for damage or losses, should these occur. Through the establishment of the Canada Travelling Exhibitions Indemnification Program, therefore, the Government of Canada assumes the financial responsibility for loss or damage to objects and appurtenances in eligible travelling exhibitions.

The Program has two objectives: first, to increase access for Canadians to Canada's and the world's heritage through the exchange of artifacts and exhibitions in Canada; and second, to provide Canadian art galleries, museums, archives, and libraries with a competitive advantage when competing for the loan of prestigious international exhibitions. Both international and domestically organized exhibitions are eligible for indemnification.

Funding overview

Eligibility is also determined by the value of individual travelling exhibitions. The total fair market value of all objects and appurtenances in an exhibition must be at least $500,000 CDN to be considered for indemnification. Indemnity is limited to a maximum of $600 million CDN per exhibition.

Total fair market value of the exhibition ($ CDN) Deductible ($ CDN)

$500,000 to $3,000,000


$3,000,001 to $10,000,000


$10,000,001 to $50,000,000


$50,000,001 to $100,000,000


$100,000,001 to $200,000,000


$200,000,001 to $300,000,000


$300,000,001 to $450,000,000


$450,000,001 to $600,000,000


Eligibility Requirements

  • Exhibitions that are organized domestically and shown at venues in at least two provinces within Canada. This encourages the circulation of travelling exhibitions within Canada and meets the government's policy objective of providing greater access to Canada's heritage.
  • Exhibitions where the total fair market value of objects borrowed from sources outside Canada exceeds that of the total fair market value of objects borrowed from inside Canada. Such exhibitions are required to have only one Canadian venue as, through hosting the exhibition, the Canadian public will have access to cultural and heritage objects that would not otherwise be available.

Eligible Activities

Facilities approval for each host institution throughout the proposed indemnification period is a prerequisite for indemnification. If a proposed host institution is not currently approved by the Canada Travelling Exhibitions Indemnification Program, an application for facilities approval must be submitted by that institution. Once approved, and assuming that the facilities remain as assessed, the facilities will remain approved for five years.

One-time approval for a specific area in non-approved hosting institutions may be considered; please contact the Indemnification Program for further information. A travelling exhibition may be indemnified throughout the remainder of its itinerary while excluding coverage at a specific host institution. Non-indemnified venues are responsible for full coverage.


  • October 1 (for exhibitions requiring indemnification as early as the following January 1)
  • April 1 (for exhibitions requiring indemnification as early as the following July 1)

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