Up to $150k in Cost-Share Funding now Available to Meat Processor Businesses in Ontario

As a result of a partnership between the governments of Canada and Ontario, meat processors in the province can now apply for up to $150,000 in funding assistance through the Meat Processors Capacity Improvement Initiative.  This program is a five-year federal, provincial, territorial initiative aimed at strengthening the agriculture, agri-food and agri- products sectors, and increase their competitiveness, prosperity and sustainability.


Eligible Projects

Eligible activities for this opportunity include:

  • Expenses for equipment and associated costs of:
    • Increased cooler/freezer capacity, including:
    • Reefer trailers
    • Condenser units
    • Seals on cooler/ freezer doors
    • Air flow upgrades in coolers/ freezers (e.g. fans)

  • Waste management handling/processing, including:
    • Equipment and structures to handle, store and dispose of deadstock and processing by-products (e.g. blood and wastewater holding tanks)
    • Equipment and structures to handle, store and dispose of SRM (e.g. chilled and frozen storage, SRM screen system for whole plant)
    • In-vessel composting, treatment and disposal (e.g., hides, feathers, deadstock)

  • Animal handling/processing, including:
    • Barn/holding pen upgrades (e.g. chute design, increase size/capacity)
    • Animal restraints/knock boxes/upgrades (e.g. non-slip floor, upright restraints)
    • Kill floor/evisceration room equipment (e.g. Stunning equipment, hoists, bleed rail, saws, pneumatic skinning knife, hide pullers, leg cutters)

  • Product Handling/processing, including:
    • Conveyer/rail systems, winches, hydraulics, skinning beds/cradles, automated tote washer, scales, vacuum packaging, mixers


Eligible Costs

  • Engineering/professional services for equipment that is part of the project
  • One-time costs associated with training key personnel on project-related new equipment and technology (e.g., train the trainer)
  • One-time labour costs specifically required for the project, such as third-party advisory fees
  • Equipment must be for facilities in Ontario and must remain in Ontario
  • In order to be eligible, costs must be for procurement of goods and services through a transaction with a third-party that is at Arm's Length from the successful applicant. Any cost that is not incurred in this manner is not eligible


Funding Details

  • Successful applicants can receive up to 60% of cost-share funding, to a maximum of $150,000 per business
  • Eligible projects must be completed with equipment delivered and claims submitted by March 25, 2022 for eligible expenses incurred on or after November 19, 2021. Recipients will have until June 30, 2022 to have their equipment installed



Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Complete applications that meet all eligibility criteria will be considered on a continuous basis while funding is available.

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