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Forest Sector Investment and Innovation Program

By GrantMatch Team on Nov 3, 2023 3:00:53 PM

$3 Million in Funding Available for Forestry Sector Improvements!

The Forest Sector Investment and Innovation Program (FSIIP) offers a remarkable opportunity to secure funding for transformative investments in the forestry industry. With a focus on enhancing productivity and fostering innovation, this program also aims to boost competitiveness, facilitate new market access, and provide substantial benefits to Ontario's forest sector. By supporting strategic initiatives, the FSIIP plays a pivotal role in strengthening regional economies and driving sustainable growth in the forestry industry.
In Canada Funding for Forestry Ontario Innovation Productivity

Meat processors capacity improvement initiative (MPCII)

By GrantMatch Team on Aug 4, 2023 12:06:05 PM

$150,000 grants are available for Ontario meat processors and abattoirs!

This program aims to support eligible free-standing meat plants and provincially licensed abattoirs by providing funding for equipment upgrades to improve efficiency and productivity. As part of the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership, the MPCII will prioritize projects that promote food safety and strengthen Ontario's presence in the global market.
In Canada Food & Beverage Food Processors Ontario Canada

Skills Development Fund Capital Stream

By GrantMatch Team on Jul 4, 2023 12:49:57 PM

funding for training in ontario

The SDF Program (an EO initiative) launched in February 2021 as a response to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The SDF Program has continued to focus on investing in enhancements to training, workforce development, and program delivery for workers in Ontario. The SDF Program aims to ensure a resilient workforce by supporting access to the labour market and/or the retention and capacity building of workers in emerging and in-demand sectors and sectors experiencing labour market challenges.

Building on the success of the original Operating Stream of the SDF Program, the Government of Ontario has established the SDF Capital Stream to provide major capital investments to build new training centres, upgrade existing training centres or convert existing facilities into training centres with state-of-the-art design and technology. This includes facility renovations, retrofits, expansions, conversions, repairs and building construction. The SDF Capital Stream supports projects that enable education and skills development, enhance training capacity and delivery, and facilitate economic growth in emerging and in-demand sectors of Ontario’s economy and sectors experiencing labour
market challenges.

The design principles of the SDF Capital Stream support capital investment and the use of risk management strategies to ensure prudent use of public funding.

The following are SDF Capital Stream design principles:
  • Support capital investment applications that demonstrate due diligence, ensure cost effectiveness, complement the SDF Operating Stream and achieve measurable Outcomes.
  • Accountable use of public funds in the administration of funding to selected Recipients that meet eligibility requirements as Primary Applicants.
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Forest Biomass Program

By GrantMatch Team on Jun 20, 2023 10:50:43 AM

up to $10 million grants available FOR biomass projects in Ontario!

The Ontario Forest Biomass Program has been developed to enable the province to achieve the objectives set out in Sustainable Growth: Ontario’s Forest Sector Strategy and the provincial Forest Biomass Action Plan (FBAP). In particular, the program will focus on supporting initiatives that secure and increase long-term wood utilization across the province, focusing on underutilized species and forest biomass.

The establishment of the program is part of Ontario’s commitment to the development and use of wood and forest biomass to deliver economic benefits to Ontarians while helping to reduce emissions and address climate change.

The program has four streams that will position Ontario as a growing circular and green economy leader.

  • Indigenous bioeconomy partnerships stream: Increase Indigenous participation in forest biomass opportunities and benefit from bioeconomy development.
  • Exploring biomass pathways stream: Improve public and private sector understanding of the technical, financial, scientific and operational considerations for use of forest biomass.
  • Innovative bioproduct manufacturing stream: Deploy innovative bioproducts and facilitate increased use of forest biomass as a feedstock in manufacturing, infrastructure, energy services and resource extraction sectors.
  • Modernization stream: Support forest sector transformation, competitiveness, and participation in emerging bioeconomy opportunities through use of forest biomass.
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Capital Grant - Ontario Trillium Foundation

By GrantMatch Team on May 31, 2023 10:36:57 AM

Up to $150,000 AVAILABLE FOR community Projects!

Apply for a Capital grant to help improve the infrastructure your community needs to thrive through the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Whether it’s purchasing equipment, building a new space, completing renovations, retrofits or repairs, Capital grants offered through the OTF support projects that will positively impact your community.

Projects that are supported will 

  • Improve access to community spaces, facilities, programs, activities and services, and facilitate community members’ full participation in the life of the community
  • Improve and build community spaces
  • Make programs and services better and more efficient
  • Make better use of technology

Organizations can request funding for multiple capital improvements within one facility, e.g., touchless entry and widening of doorways at local community centre, or they can request funding for the same capital improvements at multiple facilities, e.g., HVAC retrofits at 3 municipal arenas.

In Canada Funding for Municipalities Ontario Funding for Not-for-profits Green Initiative

Agri-Food Energy Cost Savings Initiative

By GrantMatch Team on May 8, 2023 3:49:05 PM

FUNDING OF UP TO $300,000 TO SUPPORT food processors in ontario!

The Agri-Food Energy Cost Savings Initiative, offered through the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (SCAP), is designed to support competitiveness, profitability, growth and long-term sustainability of agri-food processors by implementing technologies and processes to increase energy efficiency in their operations.

This cost-share initiative will help agri-food processors lower their overall operational costs to be more competitive and sustainable. Funding from this initiative will be used to support projects that prioritize reducing greenhouse gas emissions by investing in new technology, equipment, as well as building or facility modifications to help achieve this goal.

In Canada Food Processors Funding for Food & Beverage Ontario Canada

CME’s Technology Investment Program

By GrantMatch Team on Apr 24, 2023 7:55:52 AM


CME’s Technology Investment Program aims to help SME southern Ontario manufacturers automate production, reduce their environmental footprint and increase their competitiveness in the global market.

In Canada Funding for Manufacturers Ontario Canada

AIME Green

By GrantMatch Team on Apr 19, 2023 10:18:37 AM

funding for Manufacturers in Ontario!

This program is offering manufacturers in south, central and eastern Ontario up to $100,000 to offset the costs of training expenses related to upskilling and retraining their workforce to adopt and adapt green manufacturing principles at the shop floor level.

Funding for Manufacturers Ontario Canada

Rural Economic Development Program - Ontario

By GrantMatch Team on Jan 31, 2023 3:46:24 PM

The Rural Economic Development (RED) program aims to support rural communities in Ontario by opening doors to rural economic development. This program is a cost-sharing grant that advocates for activities that promote strong rural communities in Ontario.

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