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Forest Biomass Program

By GrantMatch Team on Apr 18, 2024 12:11:47 PM

Ontario Forest Biomass Program: Unlocking Potential with Up to $10 Million in Funding

In Canada Provincial Grants Funding for Forestry Agriculture Ontario

Navigating Ontario's Budget 2024

By GrantMatch Team on Apr 1, 2024 10:12:22 AM

Breaking Down the 2024 Ontario Budget: A Focus on Growth, Innovation, and Community

As Ontario navigates through the challenges and opportunities of the new decade, the 2024 provincial budget lays out a roadmap aimed at fostering economic resilience, innovation, and community development. Despite facing a forecasted increase in the deficit for 2024-25, the government is doubling down on strategic investments to spur growth and address pressing societal needs. Let's delve into the key highlights of the budget:

Funding Program News Budget Release Ontario Canada

Sustainable Jobs Training Fund

By GrantMatch Team on Mar 19, 2024 11:51:21 AM

get up to $15 Million in Grant Funding to Empower Sustainable Sectors

Ontario Funding for training Economic Development Canada Green Initiative

Ontario Automotive Modernization Program

By GrantMatch Team on Mar 15, 2024 10:21:35 AM

get up to $150,000 in Grant Funding to help cover up to 50% of eligible project costs

As an automotive parts supplier, learn how you can receive support when you introduce new process technology, tools and technologies to support new product development, or lean manufacturing to your business.

Funding for Manufacturers Ontario Automotive Canada

My Main Street Community Activator Grant

By GrantMatch Team on Mar 8, 2024 2:49:15 PM

Up to $250,000 for Community Projects In Southern Ontario: My Main Street Community Activator Grant

The My Main Street Community Activator program aims to invigorate communities in southern Ontario by supporting high-impact placemaking projects. These projects are designed to enhance local vibrancy, draw visitors, and foster inclusive spaces. Through non-repayable contributions of up to $250,000, the program empowers eligible organizations to reimagine public spaces, from main streets to downtown areas, fostering economic and social renewal.

Funding for Municipalities Ontario Funding for Not-for-profits Canada

The Agri-Tech Innovation Initiative

By GrantMatch Team on Feb 15, 2024 10:46:03 AM

$100,000 in Funding Available for Innovative Agriculture Investments In Ontario

The Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership Ontario - Agri-Tech Innovation Initiative (SCAPON-ATII) aims to foster innovation in the agricultural and food sector within Ontario. It offers funding opportunities to eligible farm and food processing businesses to invest in innovative technology, equipment, or processes. The funding is intended to support activities that enhance production capacity or efficiency.

Food & Beverage Food Processors Agriculture Ontario Innovation

Capital Grant - Ontario Trillium Foundation 2024

By GrantMatch Team on Jan 23, 2024 1:39:17 PM

Up to $200,000 AVAILABLE FOR community Projects!

Apply for a Capital grant to help improve the infrastructure your community needs to thrive through the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Whether it’s purchasing equipment, building a new space, completing renovations, retrofits or repairs, Capital grants offered through the OTF support projects that will positively impact your community.

Projects that are supported will 

  • Improve access to community spaces, facilities, programs, activities and services, and facilitate community members’ full participation in the life of the community
  • Improve and build community spaces
  • Make programs and services better and more efficient
  • Make better use of technology

Organizations can request funding for multiple capital improvements within one facility, e.g., touchless entry and widening of doorways at local community centre, or they can request funding for the same capital improvements at multiple facilities, e.g., HVAC retrofits at 3 municipal arenas.

In Canada Funding for Municipalities Ontario Funding for Not-for-profits Green Initiative

Forest Sector Investment and Innovation Program

By GrantMatch Team on Nov 3, 2023 3:00:53 PM

$3 Million in Funding Available for Forestry Sector Improvements!

The Forest Sector Investment and Innovation Program (FSIIP) offers a remarkable opportunity to secure funding for transformative investments in the forestry industry. With a focus on enhancing productivity and fostering innovation, this program also aims to boost competitiveness, facilitate new market access, and provide substantial benefits to Ontario's forest sector. By supporting strategic initiatives, the FSIIP plays a pivotal role in strengthening regional economies and driving sustainable growth in the forestry industry.
In Canada Funding for Forestry Ontario Innovation Productivity

Meat processors capacity improvement initiative (MPCII)

By GrantMatch Team on Aug 4, 2023 12:06:05 PM

$150,000 grants are available for Ontario meat processors and abattoirs!

This program aims to support eligible free-standing meat plants and provincially licensed abattoirs by providing funding for equipment upgrades to improve efficiency and productivity. As part of the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership, the MPCII will prioritize projects that promote food safety and strengthen Ontario's presence in the global market.
In Canada Food & Beverage Food Processors Ontario Canada