The Provincial Commercial New Construction Program provides funding for the design and construction of new high-performance buildings that use high-efficiency electricity in place of fossil fuels, in order to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


Funding Categories


Energy Study Incentive up to $15,000

    • Paid upon approval of the energy study and review of applicable invoices.

Capital Incentives up to $500,000

    • Capital incentives are based on the amount of lifetime CO2e reduced and are relative to the baseline building code of the project:
      • Incentives range from $30/t CO2e to $120/t CO2e
    • All eligible Northern customers* will receive an additional $10/t C02e incentive on all eligible measures installed. The total maximum incentive including the top-up offer is $625,000 per project.
      • * Eligible buildings must have a commercial utility account with BC Hydro and be located north of and including the District of 100 Mile House (latitude 51.628°N).
    • 100% of the capital incentive amount will be paid upon the Customer’s signed and returned Capital Incentive agreement subject to receiving sufficient proof in the form of either a Progress Draw, Paid Invoice, or fully executed Purchase Order(s) or Proof of Purchase of the approved building system(s) in an amount equal to or greater than 100% of the Incentive amount.
    • 100% Electrification BONUS up to $50,000: Projects further electrified from the baseline and built to 100% electric space, ventilation and domestic hot water heating (with no gas boiler as a backup) are eligible to receive a 10% bonus of the Capital Incentive.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. You must have a Key Account Manager
  2. The building(s) must be in BC Hydro service territory, including New Westminster
  3. The project must:
    • Result in at least 400 t CO2e in lifetime GHG savings
    • Involve a technology that provides net electrical load growth
    • Be new construction or major building renovation1
    • Be at the end of the concept design stage

1Major building renovations are defined as one of the following, all of which require a building permit and certified building plans by a licensed professional:

  • Change of use and reconstruction of an existing building space or space within; or
  • Change Construction work of a nature requiring the building or space within to be out of service for at least 30 consecutive days; or
  • Renovations that are worth at least 50% of the existing building’s value and impact the building envelope.


  • You have 9 months from the date of the signed Energy Study Agreement to complete the energy study.
  • You have 36 months from the date of the signed Capital Incentive Agreement to implement the project.

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