$30K Available to Assist in the Hiring of Post-Secondary Graduates With Digital Skills  

Digital Skills for Youth (DS4Y) connects underemployed post-secondary graduates with small businesses and not-for-profit organizations where they can gain meaningful work experience to help them transition to career-oriented employment. These highly skilled candidates will assist in providing organizations with resources to transition to a digital economy.

Eligible applicants will be expected to encourage candidates to combine their digital expertise with soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, and teamwork.

Eligible Costs 

  • Internship Costs:
    • Up to $20,000 in wage subsidy and Mandatory Employment Related Costs (MERCS), with an Employer match at a minimum of 50% from for-profit organizations, and a minimum of 25% match for not-for-profit organizations, Indigenous organizations, municipal governments, public health and educational institutions, provincial and territorial governments, institutions, agencies and Crown Corporations.
    • Training costs up to $4,000 per intern, inclusive of taxes.
    • Participant costs (such as living expenses, dependent care, scholarships/bursaries, and accommodation)
    • Capital costs, including small repairs or renovations to support the participation of youth facing barriers. Capital costs for the construction of a building or the purchase of land or buildings are not eligible
  • Administrative Costs (limited to a maximum of 15% of federal contribution):
    • Overhead costs, including costs related to central administrative functions of the recipient organization drawn upon to support agreement activities (such as shared postage, telephones, IT maintenance and head office support)
    • The costs of materials and supplies
    • Staff wages, training, and professional development costs
    • Honoraria and hospitality costs
    • Printing and communication costs
    • Travel costs
    • Professional fees (such as consultants, IT, technical expertise, facilitation, legal, research, audit, assessment and evaluation)

Funding Details

  • Successful applicants will receive funding valued at 50% of eligible costs, with a maximum of $30,000

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