FUNDING OF UP TO $5,000,000 TO SUPPORT GHG reduction in Canada!

The Green Freight Program will help fleets reduce their fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through fleet energy assessments, fleet retrofits, engine repowers, logistical best-practice implementation and the purchase of low-carbon vehicles. 

Funding overview

Assess and Retrofit Stream

For Fleet Energy Assessments, the Program will provide up to 50% per company, to a maximum of $40,000. For Truck/Trailer Equipment Retrofits, the Program has established a list of eligible technologies and will provide up to 50% per device.

Repower and Replace Stream

Providing 50% cost-shared funding towards fuel-switching, engine repowers and large-scale improved logistical best-practice projects in non-repayable contributions provisions.

The maximum amount payable through the Green Freight Program will be capped at $5M and will be subject to a 50% cost share.

Eligibility Requirements

Only entities operating in Canada are eligible to apply. Eligible Applicants include:
  • Companies;
  • Industry associations;
  • Research associations;
  • Standards organizations;
  • Indigenous and community groups;
  • Canadian academic institutions; and
  • Provincial, territorial, regional, or municipal governments or their departments or agencies where applicable.

Entity must have one or more heavy-duty vehicles for business use in their fleet that is licensed and insured to operate in Canada.

NOT ELIGIBLE: Softwood lumber companies and those that are vertically integrated with softwood lumber companies.

Eligible Activities

  • Third-Party Fleet Energy Assessments; and/or
    • Basic Third-Party Assessment
    • Enhanced Third-Party Assessment
  • Truck/Trailer Equipment Retrofits.
    • Side Skirt
    • Boat Tail
    • Under Fairing
    • Tractor-Trailer Gap Reducer
    • Aerodynamic Splash Guard
    • Cab Heater/Cooler
    • Coolant Heater
    • Low rolling resistant tires
    • Diesel-electric refrigeration units


March 31, 2027

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