$75,000 in Funding Support Available For Agri-Business Making Energy Efficient Upgrades 

The Input Efficiency and Waste Reduction (IEWR) aims to increase input efficiency and reduce waste in an agri-food or agri-product processing facility. Any processor with projects within the agri-foods sector may apply, but preference will be given to the following processor type:  

  • Meat Processing and meat product manufacturing 
  • Bakeries and tortilla manufacturing 
  • Fruit and vegetable preserving and specialty food 
  • Dairy product manufacturing 


Eligible Applicants 

Applicants must comply with one or more of the following criteria: 

  • A processor that manufactures products in a facility with fewer than 200 employees 
  • Completed an audit, assessment or labour productivity plan that demonstrates the need and impact of the project in addressing current deficiencies, opportunities and risks 
  • Baseline Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for energy usage and waste management 
  • Meet one of the following criteria at a minimum:
    • Be implementing advanced manufacturing technology, automation, or robotics 
    • Be an Indigenous partner business 
    • Be operating in Northern Ontario 

Eligible Projects

Costs considered eligible for this program include the following: 

  • Costs of energy input and waste measurement, permanent metering and monitoring equipment, associated costs of: 
    • Software and reporting equipment 
    • System installation, calibration, and optimization  
  • First-time activities and advisory services for: 
    • First-time KPI analysis for input and waste 
    • Development of performance reports and report cards 
    • Integration of ingredient and waste KPI feedback data with product costing models 
  • Capital expenses and installation or configuration costs directly related to achieving input efficiencies and waste reduction with new automated, advanced manufacturing, robotic equipment and technology and/or software systems 
  • One-time labour costs specifically required for the project such as third-party advisory fees 
  • One-time costs related to the training of essential personnel on new equipment, technology, and software systems directly related to the project 
  • One-time rental costs required for project needs such as the following: 
    • Facilities 
    • Processing equipment 
    • Machinery 


Funding Details

  • Up to 25% of eligible costs is available for funding assistance, to a maximum of $75,000 

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