FUNDING OF UP TO $2.5 Million TO SUPPORT food processors in Manitoba!

The Capital Assets - Processing Equipment funding stream supports the growth and expansion of Manitoba's agri-processing sector by assisting with capital investment purchases for modernization activities that enhance efficiency, productivity and environmental sustainability.

This can include equipment purchases that support the transformation of raw inputs into value-added goods that bring new technologies or products into the production process, scaling up production and improving productivity, process automation through the introduction of new and innovative processing technologies, or process integration through the introduction of new and innovative processing technologies

Funding overview 

A cost share ratio of 50%  government and 50% applicant on the first $50,000, then on a 10% government and 90%  applicant cost share per dollar thereafter, to a maximum contribution of $2.5 million per project

Eligibility Requirements

  • agri-food processors
  • agri-product processors
  • licensed commercial kitchens
  • primary producers
  • Indigenous Government/Indigenous individuals, businesses, communities, and organizations, other Indigenous groups undertaking agricultural initiatives
  • wholesalers (food, ingredients)
  • abattoirs

Eligible Activities

The following are eligible for funding:

  • equipment that supports the transformation of raw inputs by physical or chemical means into a higher value food, beverage or agri-product
  • equipment used for preparing, producing or packaging a product, or for package forming, fractionating or decorticating
  • equipment that contributes to the commercialization and adoption of new products, technologies, practices or processes

Eligible Costs

  • Professional fees associated with the development, implementation, and training for establishing quality control procedures
  • Purchase of software directly related to managing/maintaining quality control processes and procedures
  • Equipment related to first implementation of in-house quality control or significant upgrade to existing quality control procedures that may include digital food thermometers, refractometers, titration, moisture analyzers, water activity meters, pH meters, scales, centrifuges, vortex mixers, pipettes, sonicators, ATF Luminometers and other standard equipment related to product and process
    quality control.
  • Related equipment including fume or laminar flow hoods, pumps, sterilization, and eye wash stations
  • Safety clothing and personal protective equipment (e.g., lab coats, goggles)
  • Professional services related to on-site initial commissioning, calibration, demonstration, and training for new equipment and/or software implemented
  • Professional services that contribute to the design and completion of an eligible project
  • Fixed overhead for production operations (not including management or administration fees) can be included as an eligible project expense


May 17, 2023

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