$3m in Funding Assistance for Sme's in Canada pursuing clean technology development

The Sustainable Development Technology Fund (SDTC) aims to provide funding for small- to medium- sized Canadian businesses pursuing clean technology development and demonstration projects (e.g., when the technology itself is beyond proof-of-concept but is still pre-commercial). The technology must demonstrate the potential for GHG emissions reductions, reductions in water consumption, and/or the reduction of water, soil, or air contamination. The project must include some further development of the technology, mitigate existing technology risk, and include validation of the economic viability of the technology. 


Eligible Activities

Eligible activities for this program include the advancement of innovative technologies that are pre-commercial and have the potential to demonstrate significant and quantifiable environmental and economic benefits in one or more of the following areas:  

  • Climate change 
  • Clean air 
  • Clean water  
  • Clean soil


Eligible Costs

  • Salaries and benefits, including administrative labour related to the Eligible Project 
  • Professional, scientific, technical and contractual services costs (e.g., trades, contracts for project and financial audits, third- party verification) 
  • Field testing services 
  • Feasibility studies related to the Eligible Project

Funding Details
  • SDTC will provide funding assistance up to 40% of eligible costs, with an average of $3M 

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