Up to $25 Million to be invested in Canadian Agricultural Innovation

Dive into the SCAP ON - Dairy Processing Modernization Initiative (SCAPON-DPMI), a groundbreaking program designed to financially support dairy processors in their quest for enhanced food safety and operational efficiency. Learn how this initiative under the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership is transforming the dairy processing landscape, particularly in Ontario, by prioritizing technological advancements and modernization efforts.

Funding INformation

The SCAP ON - Dairy Processing Modernization Initiative (SCAPON-DPMI) offers significant financial support to eligible dairy processors in Ontario, aiming to catalyze advancements in food safety and operational efficiency. Here are key points regarding the funding:

  1. Grant Type: The funding provided through SCAPON-DPMI is in the form of grants, offering a non-repayable financial assistance to successful applicants.

  2. Maximum Funding Amount: Eligible applicants can access a maximum funding amount of $200,000, providing substantial support for investment in modern technologies and equipment upgrades.

  3. Percentage of Costs Eligible: SCAPON-DPMI covers 50.0% of the costs associated with eligible activities, further easing the financial burden on dairy processors seeking to enhance their operations.

Eligibility Information 
Under the SCAP ON - Dairy Processing Modernization Initiative (SCAPON-DPMI), eligible projects play a pivotal role in driving forward innovation and efficiency within the dairy processing sector in Ontario. Here are some key points regarding eligible projects and eligibility criteria:
  1. Project Focus: Eligible projects must primarily focus on acquiring modern technologies aimed at increasing production efficiency and enhancing food safety standards within dairy processing facilities.

  2. Incremental Activities: The initiative supports incremental activities specifically required to create or increase processing efficiencies for Ontario facilities. This includes investments in equipment upgrades, retrofits, and technological advancements tailored to the unique needs of dairy processors.

  3. Dual Objectives: Eligible projects should align with the dual objectives of SCAPON-DPMI, which are to increase productivity and facilitate equipment upgrades or retrofits. Projects that contribute to these overarching goals are given priority for funding consideration.

  4. Enhanced Food Safety: Projects aimed at improving food safety standards within dairy processing facilities are highly encouraged. This can include investments in technologies and processes that minimize contamination risks, enhance traceability, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

  5. Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for funding under SCAPON-DPMI, applicants must meet certain criteria, including:

    • Operating within the dairy processing sector in Ontario.
    • Demonstrating a clear need for modernization and efficiency improvements within their facilities.
    • Complying with all relevant regulations and standards governing dairy processing and food safety.


All proposals must be submitted by Nov. 30, 2025

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