More Than $20K Available For county or multi-county economic development efforts in West Virginia

The West Virginia Development Office is administering funding to support county or multi-county economic development efforts through a matching grant program; the Local Economic Development Grant (LED). The purpose of this program is to enhance the capacity of local economic development by undertaking economic development activities and to complete Certified Development Community (CDC) program requirements. 


Eligible Applicants

The following organizations are eligible as long as the county commission has issued a resolution designating the group as the county's lead economic development entity

  • County development corporations or authorities
  • Multi-county or regional development corporations or authorities
  • Regional Planning and Development Councils
  • Grants are awarded to county or regional economic development corporations or authorities that commit to following the guidelines established through the Certified Development Communities (CDC) program and meet the grant program criteria


Funding Details

  • Applicants may receive up to $22,727 in matching grant funds
  • Applicants representing a single county must have a cash match equal to the amount of the grant
  • Applicants representing multi-county or regional economic development organizations must have cash to match half the grant amount

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