Federal and Provincial Governments offer programming to support businesses 

With the rapid spread of Omicron, governments have once again implemented restrictions and partial lockdowns that are adversely impacting businesses and community organizations. Over the past several years, GrantMatch has assisted businesses by both identifying their eligibility to government COVID-19 support programs and helping with the application process. During this challenging period, it is important for businesses to be aware and take advantage of available support programs to help with ongoing fixed costs, to keep and pay employees, and to provide ongoing cash flow.


Canadian Government Business Supports 

Although a number of support programs have ended, the Canadian government has continued wage, rent and various business expense supports in the event of lockdown situations. On December 17, 2021, new targeted COVID-19 support measures received Royal Assent. They include:

  • The Hardest-Hit Business Recovery Program which provides supports through wage and rent subsidies. The Program supports organizations that have faced deep losses along with those facing a current monthly revenue decline of 50%;
  • A new Tourism and Hospitality Recovery Program which provides support through wage and rent subsidies to hotels, tour operators, restaurants, tour operators and travel agencies with a subsidy rate of up to 75%; and
  • Expanded support under a Local Lockdown Program that will provide businesses facing temporary local lockdowns access up to the maximum amounts available through wage and rent subsidy programs.

Other support programs continue to be available including: the Canada Recovery Hiring Program to assist businesses as they hire new employees and increase wages and hours; and the Highly Affected Sectors Credit Availability Program to provide low interest loans to cover operational cash flow needs.

Further information can be found at:



The Ontario Government recently introduced a new Ontario Business Cost Rebate Program to support businesses impacted by public health measures. Eligible businesses required to reduce capacity by 50% will receive a rebate equal to 50% of energy and property taxes and a rebate up to 100% when they are required to close.

In addition, the provincial government is providing a six-month interest and penalty free period for most provincially administered taxes beginning January 1, 2022. Further information is available at:

Further business aid and supports are also under consideration and expected to be released shortly.



Businesses subject to recent closure orders beginning on December 20, 2021, can apply for financial assistance under the Assistance for Businesses in Regions on Maximum Alert (AERAM) section of the Emergency Assistance Program for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (PAUPME). The program provides a loan or loan guarantee of up to $50,000. Additional information is available at:



The Manitoba government has released a new Sector Support Program to help small businesses affected by the recent COVID 19 public health orders. The program is available to businesses such as restaurants, hotels and bars that provide dine-in food services, fitness and recreation facilities, movie theatres, performance venues and museums. An online assessment tool will be made available to assist businesses in determining eligibility. Businesses can apply for grants that range in size by the number of employees they have: $3K for 1-9 employees; $6K for 10-19 employees; $9K for 20-49 employees; $12K for 50+ employees. Further information is available at:



The B.C. Government will be accepting applications for the COVID-19 Closure Grant for businesses that have had to close as result of recent public health orders. Grants of $1K to $10K are available to eligible businesses. Additional information is available at:



Other supports for your business may also be available in your province or territory. Review and check for updates from your province or territory to find out what may be available to your business. A full listing of the provincial and territorial business support websites can be found under the Support for Business section at:




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