Unveiling the 2024-25 Saskatchewan Budget: A Vision for Growth and Innovation

As Saskatchewan unveils its budget for the fiscal year 2024-25, a roadmap for economic growth, innovation, and sustainability emerges. With a modest forecasted GDP growth of 1% and an impressive budget surplus of $273.2 million, the province sets its sights on investments and incentives aimed at fostering skill development, stimulating key industries, and advancing infrastructure projects to propel Saskatchewan into a prosperous future.


Investing in Skills Training and Development: The budget allocates $160.5 million towards skills training programs, with a notable $1.5 million increase in the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship Trade Certification program. This investment underscores the province's commitment to equipping its workforce with the necessary skills to thrive in a rapidly evolving economy.


Promoting Innovation and Value-Added Projects: Recognizing the importance of innovation and value-added projects, Saskatchewan introduces the Saskatchewan Critical Mineral Incentive grant. This initiative aims to incentivize the development of new and expanded projects, signaling a strategic shift towards diversification and sustainability in key sectors.

Enhanced Incentive Programs: The budget sees increases in funding for various incentive programs, including the Saskatchewan Petroleum Incentive, Oil and Gas Processing Incentive, and Saskatchewan Technology Innovation Incentive. Notably, the Saskatchewan Technology Start-up Incentive undergoes significant enhancements, with a doubling of the non-refundable tax credit and expanded eligibility to include clean tech and agri-tech sectors, fostering a fertile ground for entrepreneurial growth and technological advancement.

Facilitating Energy Sector Development: In a move to facilitate energy sector development, the budget introduces the Multi-lateral Well Program, aimed at unlocking the potential of inaccessible or uneconomic oil well drilling, further bolstering the province's position as a key player in the energy landscape.

Supporting Small Businesses and Agriculture: The extension of the one percent small business tax rate and substantial funding for Sustainable Canada Agricultural Partnership programs demonstrate the province's unwavering support for small businesses and the agricultural sector. Investments in irrigation development, efficiency, and research underscore Saskatchewan's commitment to sustainable agriculture practices and food security.

Capital Spending for Infrastructure Development: With a commitment of $4.4 billion for capital projects in 2024-25, including substantial funding for projects through various federal funds, Saskatchewan sets the stage for infrastructure development that will enhance connectivity, promote economic growth, and improve the quality of life for its residents.

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